It’s not about You

It’s not about you…. In the book Purpose Driven Life from a few years back author Rick Warren sets the tone from the first sentence.

its-not-about-youIf you don’t get anything else from that book get this — it REALLY is not about you.  Your purpose here on Earth is not about you being happy (as happy is usually defined).

You exist because God wants to have a relationship with you.  He wants you to live in relationship with others in the context of this relationship with him.

We get it so wrong so many times.  The graphic says it all.  We tend to think that we can do it all ourselves.  Yes, God wants you “happy” in the context of the satisfaction that comes from being in tune with Him and His purpose for you and your community.

We want to do it ourselves.

Serve ourselves.

Make ourselves happy.

But respecting God enough to allow Him to guide and direct our paths and to serve Him fully makes God happy.  It ultimately makes us happy.

It’s not about you.   It’s about Him and His calling (mission) for you.



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