It’s a Fooler…

What a beautiful day!

I don’t know what the weather may be like were you are as you read this — but here it is absolutely beautiful.  Well, it is beautiful from my perspective sitting here facing the window with the fireplace at my back and wool sweater pulled over my flannel shirt.

Looking out the window I can see big fluffy white clouds floating lazily across a lovely pale blue sky.  This is the type of sky that inspires the named of a color as “sky blue”.  The snow and summerproblem is I can also see the flag across the street being whipped at a frenzied pace by a fairly crisp wind.  I can see almost two inches of snow on the table just outside the window.  The cars parked outside are semi-covered in snow and ice.  A pale grey coating of salt and road grime covers the lower half most of the cars as they drive past.

I don’t know what the temperature is outside.  My phone says it is currently 22 degrees.  That wind probably makes it feel a bit worse.

It’s a fooler.   Based simply on an observation of the sun and sky — one might think that no coat or cap is required.   One would be terribly wrong.

There are lots of people dressed in holiday finery.  Christmas sweaters and holiday themed clothing is all around us.  Christmas music is on the radio and iPod.  Holiday greetings may be heard from most everyone’s lips.  Christmas themed posts fill  Twitter and Facebook accounts.

But, it’s a fooler….

The reality is that many folks harbor cold hearts.  A winter wind of heartache lies behind the facade.  The outward appearance is appealing, but their life when alone is ugly and full and hurt.

There are those who attend church and sing the Christmas hymns, but don’t really understand the impact of the message they proclaim.  Grace is not a key part of their spiritual understanding.  They still strive to earn a place in God’s favor.

They give to the poor.  They donate coats.  They drop off canned goods for the homeless.  Yet they live in the hidden realization that all is not right with their soul.

It’s a fooler…..

Christmas parties abound.  Christmas greetings are everywhere.  The whole world moves toward Christmas Eve and Christmas Day — the one time of year that everyone seems to be the people they really want to be.

But it’s a fooler….

Who are you on December 26?  January 5?  May 15?

Without Jesus being the reason for Christmas — without His Grace impacting your life and standing with God — It’s really a cold and bitter day out there….

………don’t be fooled.


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