It Won’t be long now…..

 February 18 – March 3, 2014,  Connie and I will be traveling along with several others from Lakeview Christian Church and Southwest Church of Christ to the Amazon Region of Brazil to work with a medical mission and church construction project. 

We will be working with Central Brazil Mission. CBM boat

            We are asking our friends and fellow Christians to help us in this project.  There are three main areas in which we can use your help:

1.  Prayer for a trip that is effective and productive. 

2.  We are collecting medicines for the boat’s pharmacy (see below).

3.  We can use gifts of cash to cover trip expenses and boat fuel.

            If  you wish to make a donation it is tax deductible if it is made payable to Lakeview Christian Church.  However, please mail checks to us (Message me @ for address).  We want to have a record of who has assisted us.  

            Medicines that are most needed:  Prenatal vitamins, Children’s vitamins (no gummies please), Tylenol (or generic), Advil (or generic), Vicks, Muscle rub, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss.   If you or your church would like to collect meds for trip contact me for more info on how this can be done most effectively.   

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