It is Finished

I know that using these famous last words of Christ for a title may take the reader done a rabbit trail — but try to stay with me.

Garend Center racksThis past week at work I finally tackled a job that had been looming in the background for literally several years.   When they built our store they ran a 1 inch copper water line down the west side of the garden center.  Although they tried to give it a downhill slope and applied insulation to it — the line never got completely drained in the fall.  The water laid in the line — froze and thawed — and burst the copper so that a major leak was present every spring.

This line fed an outside faucet that was rarely used.  Since the line ran between the Garden Center fence and the steel racking repairs were nearly impossible.  Rather than pay for the repairs we cut off the line and capped it.  For several years this long piece of 1 inch copper hung in the back of the racking used to store and display mulch, potting soil, etc.

For years pallets being put into the racking snagged the water line.

For years bags of product were damaged from this useless nuisance of a water line.

In a rare moment of inspiration and motivation I decided that line had to go.  Armed with a ladder and a reciprocating saw I climbed into the racking and started doing battle.  After several hours of twisting and turning amongst pallets of product and reaching in almost impossible angles I stood back and said under my breath — It is finished.

There is no feeling of accomplishment quite like that of having tackled a job others felt was too difficult or maybe even impossible and seeing it through.  (NOTE post from March 31, 2014).

As a disciple, faith is tested when we go beyond the expected.  When we accomplish that which others felt was too difficult to tackle we feel a satisfaction beneath the weariness.  Stepping out into the arena of the unknown and the nearly impossible — trusting in God’s ability rather than our own — is not easy.   However, the reward of a strengthened faith is much greater than the difficulty.

What challenge is facing you this week?  We will soon be in the midst of the “Easter” season.  Soon we will be thinking about Passion Week and the almost impossible task placed before Christ.  He trusted His Father and entered the arena of the unknown to become the means of Grace for you and for me.

It is finished.

What will you accomplish in the name of the one who gave all for your sake?

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