Is your life worthwhile?

All of us have asked that question from time to time.  Andy Stanley notes that the only life worthwhile is the life that is given away.   He especially notes that this is true in area of discipling others.   We must give our life (experiences and gifts) away for the benefit if we are to make impact that goes beyond our own death. 

Some objects that are raised:

1.  My life is mess.   Doesn’t matter.  One of greatest lessons I learned in my own ministry came in midst of one of biggest screw ups.   What lessons can you pass on?   What warnings can you give to those you mentor?

2.  I am insignificant.   If God was willing to send his son for you – you are significant!   Beyond this Sunday school answer remember that no matter who you are there are those you influence.   You can either give value to those in your world or give grief.   That choice is yours.  

3.  I have no gifts.   If you are a disciple (watch –  Sunday school answer coming) you have the gift of salvation and God’s own Spirit in your life.  That means you have something to share.   Once you start looking for ways to share your life you will be surprised at how God moves to “gift” you further.  

In that same message Stanley notes that each person’s life is a treasure.  A treasure to be shared or buried.    Remember the parable of the talents? …….

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