Into the Night

It wasn’t totally – bone chilling scary, but our bike ride through the woods on the old canal towpath was not the relaxing ride you would normally expect.  With fall days getting shorter and the ride taking a bit longer than expected we found ourselves a few miles from the car and barely able to see the path.

How different it would have been if we had been prepared with a head lamp – a light.   Jesus said “I am the light of the world.”  That is a promise we need to claim much more often.  Too often we venture into the darkness of this life confident we can make it without a light, or that the darkness is not that big a deal.   We find ourselves facing unforseen obstacles and events without the benefit or safety of a light. 

On our ride we just missed an encounter with deer – as in hitting  one.  We found it difficult to keep track of each other.   We were constantly seeing danger that was not there and missing genuine ones because of blindness.

Allow the light of the world to guide your path.  It can pretty dark in a hurry.  Best to be ready.  

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