Information vs Story

I grew up in an independent Christian Church.  Although it was independent — that church was part of a larger “movement” of churches known as Restoration Movement churches.  Simple explanation — They sought to “restore” the church to basic, biblical teaching and practice by making the Bible the only rule for faith and church practice.

Not all of them agreed on just how that would look.   Without bogging down in a history lesson there were three major schools of thought.  The church I grew up in was “middle of the road” in this fight.

20140424_biblicaldoctrineBecause of all this our church tended to look at evangelism as a matter of simply knowing and teaching “right doctrine”.

Right doctrine is important.  It is VITAL.  But the reality is that it isn’t enough.

Information doesn’t change lives.   Information alone isn’t transformational. 

What is transformational is the Inspiration of story.  Hearing the story of how a life was changed, a culture was impacted, a situation was improved — that moves people.

Why do you think preaching that gets good reviews is preaching that has a fair amount of story?

Inspirational stories transform lives.

In Acts 2 the church continued in the Apostle’s doctrine, prayer, breaking bread, and fellowship.

But the AWE was found in the changed lives!    (Acts 2:42-44).


What inspirational stories of changing lives are happening in your church?   These are things that move  and transform the unbeliever……


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