If they don’t catch fish — they fight!

group fishingDr. Clark often made statements that at the time seemed out of context or off the wall.

Later you thought back and realized it was a profound piece of wisdom.

One such statement made in the context of a discussion about church members not seeing things “eye to eye” was:

If fishermen aren’t catching fish — they fight

I work in a retail context as part of a tent-making ministry.  Much like Paul the main portion of my income is earned in the market place.

When we have the kind of weather we are in Northern Ohio right now retail is SLOOOOOWWW.   We aren’t selling much.  One of the issues that management has to deal with in these times is the fact that when people are idle — they blame.  They fight.  Management thinks it the workers’ fault for not doing enough.  The workers’ believe everything is management’s fault.  The break is full of gossip and discussions about how unfairly people are treated.  This guy’s hours were cut when someone else should have been and so on.

If salespeople aren’t selling — they fight

When a group of fishermen are having a bad day they argue over the bait being used, the place chosen to fish, the wisdom of coming out today, who scared the fish with their sneeze or farts — they find all kinds of things to fight about.

They fight about stories of the last outing.  That fish wasn’t that big, I caught that big one — not Jim, and so on.

But when the fish are biting — everyone is in a party mood.  Everyone is ready to help the other guy land his fish and get his line back in the water.  Smiles all around.  Nothing but laughter and good times.

When the customers are filling the store and $$$$ are going out the door everyone is happy.  Maybe harried and hurried, but overall happy.  Management loves the numbers.  Salespeople love the pay checks and bonuses.  Break rooms are filled with stories of how we really racked up a great sale this time around.

So how does this relate to church and being a disciple?

If fishermen aren’t catching fish — they fight

I will make you fishers of men….. but if the fisherman aren’t catching fish — well…..

They blame, they argue, they get involved in other projects, they quit…..

As a disciple are you fishing or fighting?

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