If there is no truth…

Brian-Williams-Lord-of-the-RingsIf there is no universal standard of what is right or true then how can anything be a lie?

The Brian Williams “apology” was evidence of how corrupting this can be.   He said lots of things:


  • He felt bad
  • He didn’t like who had become
  • He started out fine but was confused
  • Was not sure when it occurred

Everything but, “I lied to make myself look good and I was wrong”.

Rejection of God and with him the standard for right and wrong / truth and falsehood allows each human to decide for themselves right and wrong.

Brian felt his stories were true so they were.  brian-williams-msnbc

He didn’t like who he had become – a laughing stock and an embarrassment.

He felt bad – because people were calling him a liar when in his mind he wasn’t.

He was confused, but all of life is confusing – right?

Jesus said I am the way.  The truth.   The life.

We need to hold up that standard and not allow culture to fog the issue.


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