Idle Hands

This past week has been a hard one.  Usually when I have a “hard” week it is one that during which I work several 14 hour days — and have many family commitments.

This past week developed an infection in my lower left leg.  The first couple days of being sick I simply laid in bed and wished it all would go away.   As the antibiotics began to work I started feeling better.  While that was good news it also was a bit of a frustration.

I have lost the fever and constant pain.  I have gotten back my appetite.  However, the leg is still painful and putting weight on it for very long is far from pleasant.  So I haven’t been out the house except for visits to the doctor.

I am sick of sitting in the recliner.  I am tired of laying on the couch.  Just sitting up long enough to write this is beginning to become painful.  Bottom line — I have been pretty much completely idle for almost a full week.

I’m bored.  bored

As one who has a commitment to Jesus my new nature is to find something constructive to do with the time.  But for the those who have been regenerated — the old saying is so true.


Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

Like a bored little boy picking up a rock and pitching it through the neighbor’s window — not necessarily from maliciousness — just bored.  Needing something to do.  When the “worldly nature” is in charge it turns to destruction.  When the “regenerated spirit” is controlling things this boredom looks for something constructive.

It may be simplistic, but at the root, that is where it is.  Those without a purpose in life that is constructive and regenerative will starting breaking windows with rocks.

That is beauty of what God designed in the church.  When the church is at its best — people are coming to Christ and given an environment and context in which they learn this new, constructive, regenerated nature.

They learn how to love.  How to use their time in missional ways.

How do you spend your time?  Your money?  Where does your mind go when you have down time?  Does your church provide ways for Disciples to grow, stretch, learn, and serve?


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