I Resolve….

resolutionsNew Year’s Resolutions — How are you doing?

If you are like most people — at the 3 week point of the year that list has been crumpled and thrown in the wastebasket – assuming you still know where the list might be.   Funny thing about resolutions….

They tend to focus on self.  A better self.  A self who doesn’t smoke any more.  A thinner self.  A less angry self.

A self who reads more.  Exercises more.  Eats less.  Drinks less.

You get the idea.resolution_calvin

Here might be a better approach.  A better question, albeit a more dangerous question.

What breaks your heart?

What do you get passionate about?   What stirs within you a desire to “do something”?

For the disciple this could be one of the ways in which the Holy Spirit is moving you to action.   When you hear yourself say, “Somebody ought to do something  about….”   is that a holy prompt for YOU to do something?

As I was debating the idea of becoming a church planter at my age and with my skill set I had a good friend and wise adviser ask me a question as we  parted ways.   If not now–When?   If not you–Who?

Maybe the best way to improve yourself this year is not in making a better you through resolutions but to become a better you through ministry and service?

What breaks your heart?


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