I Resolve… part 2

In the last post we introduced the idea that instead of making New Year’s Resolutions which are usually broken or forgotten by Feb 1 it might be more important to ask:

What breaks my heart?   Maybe another way to ask it is — what makes your heart beat faster?  Gets you pumped?

heart beatThe answer to that question can be dangerous — but also quite enlightening.  It might reveal an area of ministry or mission to which God is calling you.

Ever since my student ministry days working with 25 or so mountain people in a small Virginia coal mining town near the Tennessee border I have had an ache for struggling churches.

Over the 30 plus years of ministry that has always been a desire — to see churches move from struggle to valid ministry.

Where is your ache taking you?

Beyond just that — what are you willing to sacrifice in order to scratch that itch?

  • Time?
  • Money?
  • Skill?

Is your life really worth sacrificing for simply yourself?   Jesus said if you seek your life you will lose it….at the end of the day it is done and over….. forgotten. deny selfIf you seek invest and lose your life in others …. you find it…. you leave part of yourself behind….you leave a legacy.

In my life there were men like Art Poll and Ed Smith.  You may not know them, but there are churches and ministries in existence today because they “lost their life” in order to find it.

We often start the new year with dreams of a better and more fulfilled us.

Follow your heartache.   Give up yourself.   Sacrifice your life.

The amazing thing is that you will then have life and life more abundant….



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