How to start discipling (Discipling 101)

That Sunday morning I preached at a nearby congregation as I usually have in recent years.  I hurried back to my home church in order to catch the last few moments of the service there.  I wanted to be there to watch a baptism take place. Baptism-does-God-want-you-to-be-baptized_724_483_80

I slipped into the auditorium and found a seat just a couple rows up from the back.  The baptism began and as it was coming to a close I could not help but hear the conversation behind me.  A young father was answering his little girl’s questions.  She wanted to know what was going on.  She asked what the purpose was for getting into the water.

The important thing here was not so much exactly how the questions were answered but the fact that he answered.  He explained.  In simple loving terms he told his young daughter what baptism meant.  That choosing to follow Jesus was one of the biggest decisions a person can make.

So how does this relate to Discipling 101?  It speaks to the simplicity of how it starts.  Someone shows an interest.  They ask a question.

You as a disciple in that moment can chose to answer as best you can or you can choose to be quiet.

That simple.  Jesus said you and I were to be His witnesses.  We are called to give testimony to the things we have seen and heard.

Like this father — not saying we should talk to the minister or let me ask someone how to answer.  Not telling the little girl to be quiet, or that church is almost over — gather your stuff.

He told her what he knew.  He told her what she needed to know.  He bore witness to Jesus and the impact of Jesus on his life, on her life.

This weekend.  Look for those moments in which you will have the opportunity to share your witness.


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