How many times can you throw up?

Keep tryingI had the privilege of attending a college graduation this past weekend.  It was a small college and a fairly small group of grads  — so the event was shorter than you would expect.

Also a pleasant surprise was the commencement speaker.  Short speech, concise material and funny to boot.

One of his points was:

When you think you can’t throw up any more — you can!

Yeah — that was my reaction also.

But he made a valid point.  The point was don’t give up.  Even when you keep getting it wrong.

Keep trying.   Don’t stop.

I’ll probably be past age 60 when I finally complete my terminal degree.   But I refuse to give up.  I have to finish it — just because.  I don’t want to let this beat me.

What are you continually beating your head against the wall about?   Don’t let it beat you.   Keep trying.  Edison messed up the light bulb over 100 times before it worked.

Don’t let failures stunt your spiritual growth.  God is not finished with you yet.   Keep throwing up — I mean trying!



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