How do your customers pay?

Dave RamseyEarly the other morning as I wandered about the Lowe’s store prepping for the store to open I was listening to a podcast in which Dave Ramsey was interviewing Seth Godin. 

Seth GodinYeah — two pretty heavy hitters.  They were talking about how many don’t understand that customers actually pay you in 3 ways:

1.  Money — the actual exchange of $$ for the item or service (or both in some cases).

2.  Trust — the customer gives you a portion of their trust in regard to expecting a fair price, quality product, service after the sale, competent advice, etc.

3. Referrals — the customer who has a good experience will pay you down the road by speaking well of your business and directly or indirectly referring their friends and acquaintances to you.

Does this apply to growing a church community?

1.  Money — OK, we immediately think offering plate.  But in reality the old adage is true — time is money.  Your guests and even your attendees are paying you in time.  They “spend time” coming to your church service, bible study, community group, etc.

2.  Trust — when they spend that time they have a level of trust.  They trust you to be relevant, fair, non-judgemental, pleasant, to an extent entertaining, life enhancing, etc.

3.  Referrals — a church or faith community can do many things to market themselves, but none is as effective as disciples who reproduce themselves.  They meet Jesus in your fellowship and they “refer” their friends and acquaintances to your fellowship as a place to do the same.

This weekend watch your services and community carefully.  Who is spending their time?  Are you building their trust?  Will they feel comfortable making a referral?

PS — Happy 90th birthday to Mom!  Still going strong and living by herself.  God bless !


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