How do you Learn?

One of my grandsons has a special circumstance that makes school in the traditional sense a challenge.  In lieu of the typical school is in a modified homeschooling situation in which he goes to school online with his parents, grandparents, and a tutor working with him.Frustration

As I write this I am sitting in a room just of the lobby of a church waiting for him to complete some state required testing.

Sitting here looking at the other “parents” (I am sure there are some other grandparents and some foster parents) and students awaiting their turn or the return of their child — I got to thinking about how differently we all learn.

I like to learn in the context of a social setting.  I have done a great deal of online work in my career, but still like the classroom.  I do much of my online work at a coffee shop just to have the “feel” of others around me.  I like music or other background noise.

My wife is much more geared to quiet and learning alone.

My grandson is easily distracted and needs a “hand on his shoulder” approach.

Some learn visually.  Others like lecture.   Some love to read.  Others learn via video.

What does all this say about disciple making?

Too often in church we rely solely on the classroom with a lecturer and rows of seats.

In Relational Discipleship it is much more of a “circular” context.  There is reading of the text, but also the telling of the story.  Everyone hears the words.  Some tell the words.  All experience the words through the relating of the text to the groups common experiences.

As the group becomes more and more relational they “live life together” and those who learn by doing — do.   Those who learn by seeing it done — watch.

Is your faith community doing all it can to provide learning experiences for every type of learner?   Is there more that could be done?

Something to consider……

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