“How deep is this water?”

On the boat — one the river — doing God’s work in Central Brazil.

If I can get access I will post current updates.  If not — see you when we return.

Enjoy this encore post from around Thanksgiving 2013


We have met Seth Godin here before.  The following was a blog he posted not long ago.  It gives one a reason to pause and think.

If it’s over your head, does it really matter?

At some point, when the stakes are high enough and your skills and desires are ready, you will swim.

And when you swim, who cares how deep the water is?

[You might find that deeper water is actually calmer and easier to swim in…   

Earlier last week I mentioned my fellow disciple John.  He is in a battle with cancer.  In the midst of the battle he continues to be thankful.  Thankful for his life, his family, for his faith, and for way this challenge has brought him face to face with his faith and how much it means to him.

John's radiation experience
John’s radiation experience

Deep water.   We sometimes celebrate Thanksgiving without much thought to those who may not feel so thankful.  Maybe we ourselves are not feeling all that grateful.  If that is you —                     I understand.

I have had those late November days in the past when turkey and family were the last things I wanted to experience.

By the same token — at the risk of sounding very Pollyanna:  You will get through this.  It is deep water.  Deep water helps you learn to swim.  Deep water is where you gain strength.

This Thanksgiving you may be fortunate enough to feel very grateful.  If so – praise God and share your blessing with those who haven’t been so blessed.

If you are finding it hard to be grateful.  Sit back and remember that sometimes we need to be thankful for the deep water.  Thankful for challenge.  In the midst of trials we learn to persevere.  No pain – no gain.

It is hard.  Yet it is reality.  Living gratefully in the midst of deep water is how we grow to be strong in faith.


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