Highlight reel … the hidden truth

I’m not the first to note that Facebook is basically a highlight reel of people’s lives.

Most post only the best — or the embellished…

Not the person being discussed -- stock photo
Not the person being discussed — stock photo

Some share the drama and tragedy but for the most part we see only the highlights.

I saw today pictures of a young lady who is celebrating a birthday.  She is a beautiful young woman.  Her family has been posting pictures.

All of them are of smiling, cheerful groups.

She has on her page wonderful pics of her friends and their good times.  All smiles.   All fun.  All pretty.

The truth my self and a few others know is that she has been the victim of a date rape.

She is – as expected — painfully depressed.  Shame and shock caused her to not report the event until it was too late to really gather evidence.  It is now he said, she said.   The perpetrator is still around and she sees him fairly often.

Salt in the wound…

She has started drinking.  She cries a lot in private.

She doesn’t feel pretty.  She is deeply hurt.  Her faith is hanging by a thread.

Look around you.  Pray for those in your faith community.  Even the smiling, joyous, pretty ones.   They may be suffering beyond your sight.  Hidden guilt — real or imagined — may be destroying them slowly.

Carry one another’s burdens….

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