It has just ARRIVED!   My brand new — bright and shiny — Gerber MP400 multi-tool.  Gerber

I love it.  This tool is so much a part of daily life as the Facility Service Associate in Lowe’s land.  I use it almost daily!  It has a knife, scissors, screwdrivers, can opener, pliers, wire cutters, and a 6–inch scale on the handle.

The more discerning of you may be asking, if I use it daily and I just got a new one, what happened to the old one?

Well — that is a good question.   I know where I saw it last.  The Brazilian equivalent of a TSA agent had it in his hand and he was trying to decipher how it all worked.

I had packed it carefully deep within my checked bag for the trip to Brazil (which is legal by the way — as long as it is in a checked bag it is fine).  As we prepared to return I made a cursory search through my backpack (the only carry-on I was taking home) and didn’t see it — so I assumed it was safely in the bag that was being checked through.

As my backpack went through the x-ray machine I knew something was up.   I don’t understand Portuguese, but I knew enough to know that the three agents looking at the screen were deeply concerned.

Through sign language and stern looks they communicated that I was to unzip all the pockets and they began to dig through the miscellaneous “stuff”.   The e-reader light gave them pause, but it was quickly deemed harmless.   My iPod also got some interest.  At last one agent dug deep into the front pocket and — yep — there it was.

This particular agent reminded me of an elementary school teacher who was a nemesis in years long ago…… She held up the offending “weapon” and sternly gave me the evil eye.   As she handed it over to a young man who was obviously an agent in “training” she scooped up the other contents of my pack and dumped them quite haphazardly into the open pockets — in no particular order.  She did this while never breaking eye contact with me.

Her look said, “You will love Brazilian prison.”

Finally she gestured to me to zip up the backpack pockets then pointed toward the next station in security.   I was a free man — deemed to be too stupid to be a terrorist.

As I walked away I saw the young man handed the tool trying to figure how it could possibly be used to bring down an American Airlines 737. airport security

So upon return home I had to go searching Amazon and Ebay for a replacement.  All because I assumed something rather than carefully searching out the truth.

There is a funny side bar to this story.  Once I got home I completely emptied the backpack in order to bring order back to chaos so joyfully created by my Brazilian “friend”.

I discovered that a pocketknife that I thought was long ago lost was in fact in amongst a group of pens in a small pouch inside the front pocket of the pack.  It had made the entire trip undetected by both American and Brazilian agents.

The point…..

Too often we give only a cursory look into our souls in the search for sin that needs to be purged.  We figure that if it is out of sight — it is OK.   We assume it won’t matter.

Yet hidden away is the one small thing that could bring us down.  That sin which we conveniently overlook.

Once in awhile we need to sit down with God and really do a complete emptying of self to see what has been forgotten and hidden.


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