Have to…. or Get to….?

I recently heard a podcast from Southland Christian Church by John Weece.   It was a sermon on evangelism.   This message was refreshingly different from many others I have heard over the years.   Many such sermons are focused on how church members “have to” get out there and start inviting their friends to church.   They “must” make every effort to convert their family and friends.  

This sermon was different.  This below isn’t the outline of message, but reflects the concepts of it. 

1.  Jesus doesn’t expect us to change the world single handedly.  

While Jesus taught large crowds his main emphasis was on teaching 12 men how they love God and serve others.  For most of us leading 12 people to Christ in a lifetime would be great.   Too often we preachers make it seem like you in the pew are failing if you don’t win one a month or more.    Let’s get real.  

2.  We have to have a message to tell

Too often those in the pew haven’t experienced a true life change.   They are Christian, but not a disciple.   They have not committed to really having Jesus set new standards for their lifestyle.  Therefore, there is really no message to tell. 

3.  Making disciples happens in relationship.

The Tuesday night calling night may have brought a few into the church, but those who are truly won over to naming Jesus as their Lord are won as disciples make friends and live the “Jesus life” with and around them.   This becomes an irresistible pull toward Jesus. 

4.  We don’t see people as projects or prospects – they are friends. 

This is where evangelism moves away from something we have to do to something we get to do.   Jesus saw those he met as potential friends whom he willingly ate and celebrated with.   They weren’t notches on the gun to tallied up.  

Do you have a message?   Do you see those around you as potential friends to introduce to Jesus through our lifestyle?  

Make a friend, be a friend, lead a friend to Christ. 

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