Grow or Die

Growth_Rick WarrenIt’s always about relationship.  You become a disciple when you enter a relationship with Jesus Christ.  The commands and demands of being a disciple are encompassed in the commands — Love God /  Love others.  The church is at it’s best when the members are living in open and honest relationship with each other and are developing ongoing — service based relationships with those outside the church.

As a disciple you must always be in a state of change and growth.  To become static and dull means the relationship is about to die.  Ask any anyone who has counseled couples about to divorce.  The relationship stopped growing — and it died.  It was over.

Where are you spiritually?   Probably not where you want to be — but hopefully not nearly where you used to be.  It is the process of living life out in relationship with others that sharpens and grows us.  Just as children mature through the process of social interaction — so infant disciples grow and develop as “iron sharpens iron” in the crucible of life together.

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