Grateful for the Choice

In line …Panera line

Panera bread …

Lots of people ahead of me …..

And this lady simply seems to be overwhelmed by the vast menu …..

After several false starts she finally decides and we all move up.

By the time I get to the cashier I have my order so memorized I spit it out in one quick breath.  I have to repeat it because the young lady didn’t catch it the first time.

Finally at my table with my selection I find I am still angry.

Then I have a realization…. I had a choice.  I live in a place where I have Panera, Chipotle, McD’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Bob Evans, Applebees, Hot dog stands, numerous pizza shops, Starbucks, my own pantry…..

While many have no choice other than the meager food they can struggle to grow in their less than fertile soil.

Their dinner choice is determined by what they can catch from the river.

A-malnourished-boy-006They live from day to day with one meal to hold them over.

They would not be overwhelmed by the menu — they’d be almost knocked to the floor with the privilege of so many choices.

I don’t write this to make you feel guilty.  I write to confess my own tendency to be ungrateful.  I repent.

I thank God for the multitude of choices he offers me.  I thank God that lady in front of the line was able to afford this wonderful food.  I hope that she chose wisely and enjoyed every bit of it.

Count your blessings today …..

Name them one by one…..



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