Grandma — FOCUS!

As I am writing this I am at a small table in the corner of a local coffee shop.  Sometimes when I use this “office” for my writing and other study time I will hear and/or see some really strange things.  Sometimes I cannot help but overhear some things that are humorous.  Inside Panera

Nearby me today is a family:  Mom and Dad, Adult child and their spouse, their child.

Grandma is holding Grandson — and as the adults are talking Grandma is feeding Grandson bites of her bagel.  During a particularly intense discussion Grandma forgot about feeding Grandson.  After several attempts to guide her hand with his — Grandson uttered the first word I have heard from him in the 30-40 minutes they have been here.

With a very stern look on his face the boy reached up and grabbed Grandma’s chin — looked her in the eye and said, “FOCUS”!

Sometimes we who are older and more mature in the faith can get so intensely focused on our needs and desires that the young and immature Christians in our midst get ignored.

What really struck me was that the discussion amongst the adults was a very cutting and somewhat vicious attack on another family member who was not present.  I don’t even know this person — but I began to feel sorry for them!

After the Grandson got everyone’s attention the whole attack stopped as they renewed their efforts to make sure the little fellow was fed.  Soon the whole table was smiling and having a good time again.

Lesson?  Maybe we could lessen the fighting and gossip in the church by renewing our focus on those who need to be reached, and the feeding of new Christians what they need to know in order to grow.

young boy winkWhen everyone focused on the welfare of the one in their midst — they forgot about the attack on those who weren’t there.

As I finished this section the little guy just turned and looked at me with a smile and wave.  Makes you wonder if maybe it was a God wink?

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