Good? or Free?

When we think about the “rules” of being a disciple — those things we are allowed and not allowed — the “Do this and Don’t do that’s” of life as a Christian — do we see these rules and regulations as the means by which God is making us Good?

rules-headerToo often that is the mindset we fall into.  If I am to be good.  If I am living a life “good enough” to be called a member of God’s body the church:  then I need to make I sure know all the rules and obey them without question and without fail.

Sounds a bit like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day.  Maybe there is something wrong with that approach — with that mindset?

If we go back to the original rules God gave His people, the 10 commands on Mount Sinai we can discover something significant.  In a previous post we talked about how the law was given not to establish a relationship but rather to confirm the relationship God already had with the recently released slaves.   I am your God.  Since I have this relationship with you here are some rules that confirm our relationship.

God’s intent with the original 10 laws (rules) was not to make them good — but to keep them free.  To allow them to be a people who never again had to suffer the enslavement of sin.  To never again suffer the enslavement of being out of fellowship with God.

So we fast forward to you and I today — and the commands to love one another, serve as Jesus served, go and make disciples, etc —- they all are simply the means of maintaining our freedom in Christ.  No longer slaves to Satan’s plans and our own human failing.  Free to enjoy the love and grace of being God’s own.


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