Godly over Great

iPodI listen to podcasts.  I listen to literally hours of podcasts.  My “tent-making” career involves many early morning hours riding around a nearly empty “big box” store on a floor scrubber.  My iPod has become my best friend in these early morning hours.  I spend time with Andy Stanley, Dave Stone, Jon Weece, Ed Stetzer, Randy Frazee, and Max Lucado, just to name a few.

The bad thing is that at times it is tempting to become wishful.  To dream about spending early mornings in a nice office, at a large church, just down hall from my podcast friends…I begin to think about the possibility of being “great”.

One morning Ed Stetzer was talking about this from the other side.  About being the one who has the nice office, the travel itinerary, the speaking engagements….

He made a very key statement.  When he made it I literally stopped the scrubber and said –maybe out loud — I am not sure:

“Ed that is so profound”

It was profound because it applies to Ed with all the “success” he has in ministry as well as to the disciple slogging it out in the day to day grind of daily “ordinary” life.  It applies to everyone in between.

godlinessEd’s statement was — “It is better to be godly than great”. 

He went on to talk about it is so important not to get focused the attraction and trappings of so much that the earth offers at the expense being truly in love with all God offers us.  That is a temptation every disciple faces at some level.

We can get so paralyzed by thinking that we never will be great — so we never have any impact….. or we can be so blessed and “successful” we lose sight of God and godliness.

He who would be great must become the least….

Seek first the kingdom…..

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind….

When we learn to be truly godly — we are truly great in the eyes of God.

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