God gift of music. 

This past Sunday night I sat in the front row to hear a Big Band concert at Lakewood Park in Lakewood Ohio. 

As the music played there were various times those jogging on the trail which runs near the band stand would stop – perhaps run in place a bit – and listen.  Bicyclists. Same thing.   

Several times children of toddler age would be seen making a break for the stage.  They would stop a few feet before the band stand and listen.  They’d also dance.  They instinctive know….

Music is a gift.  

No theory of evolution or happen stance development can explain it.  

Music was given to mankind’s heart by God. 

No doubt about it.  

That time near Lake Erie with the breeze blowing and horns speaking was one of the best “church services”  I have been to recently.  

Nothing religious.  Just God’s gift filling the soul. 

Thanks to Dennis Bradley Reynolds and Aaron Thornberry for inviting me to worship!   🙂  

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