“Friendly Church”

grumpy-cat_new-to-churchOver the years I have been involved in several church “secret shops” or evaluations of church services and programs.

Most members when they are asked will tell you they belong to a “friendly” church.

The reality is …. not so much.  They are friendly.  Friendly to each other.  Friendly to family and friends.  Friendly to someone they feel has “real potential”.

But when a visitor shows up who doesn’t look like or act like them — the temperature really drops.  On occasion I have done one of these visits purposely dressing in a way that is a bit “offensive”.  Maybe it would be better to say “out of sync”.

When I knew a church was very much a shirt and tie place — I arrived in jeans and T-shirt.  The cold shoulder was definitely there.

Over the next few weeks take a really good look at your place of worship.  How friendly is it really.  Do visitors get more than just a handshake and quick smile?

Do you offer to sit with them and help them through the service?

Are they given an opportunity to join you for lunch?

Are they allowed to relax and be themselves?

This Sunday pretend you have never been to your church before — how would such a person see your church on a first time visit?

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