This weekend Americans will celebrate the freedom that has been a characteristic of our lifestyle and culture that is most treasured.

We will celebrate and party.

Fireworks, food, and family.

We will remember.  Speaking fondly of those who gave their lives for freedom.

We will look at pictures.  Wave during parades as veterans walk by.

We will perhaps visit a cemetery

All in an attempt to re-impress upon ourselves the value of freedom.

As people of faith: freedom in christ

We should celebrate and party.

Food, family, and friends are key players.

We remember.  The Lord’s Supper stimulates mental pictures.  We experience every Sunday the parade of veteran Christians who have fought the fight to provide this place of worship.

We remember those who have gone before and left our legacy.


Having worshiped in the villages of South Africa, the near empty churches of Europe, the jungles of the Amazon, and a multitude of church buildings and outdoor chapels in the U.S. — I have a great appreciation for one simple fact.

We are freed from sin and no matter where we worship or what the culture may value — that freedom never changes.


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