Free – but with a Cost

There is a strange dichotomy in being a disciple.

One the one hand — we enjoy the marvel of Grace.  Salvation that is FREE — it costs us absolutely nothing.  free_signThere is nothing we can pay — or do — or give — or create — or dream up — that will earn our way into heaven.  The GIFT of God is salvation through grace.


Following costs us something.  Following always has a price.

And the strange thing is — the price will be different for each disciple.

cost of discipleshipYou will arrive at a point sometime — somewhere — and you will know the choice. You can either follow and lose this…. job, relationship, money, prestige, fame, convenience — you fill in the blank … or you can follow.

I have had several moments like this.  Two in particular involved making a stand for what I knew was right knowing full well it would likely cost me my job.  In once case we had a newborn child at home.  Really needed that job.

But — “Only by following Christ alone can he (I) preserve a single eye”.  (see quote above).

Strange thing.  When we do take up our cross and deny ourselves.

Lose our lives on Christ’s behalf.

When we die to ourselves and let His life be the force behind what we do and say …… it works.

Seek first His kingdom and all these other things we pant and claw after — are added.

It is a tough and costly call at the time — but God will work it all together for good in the lives of those called according to His purpose.

A long time ago — in a life very far away — a young lady sang a song for me just before we broke off our relationship.  One lines still echoes in the back corners of my mind — “You got to change your mind, friend — Or learn how to lie”. 

I was a Christ follower — she was… not so much.  There was choice.  Break it off or learn to live a lie.

Over forty years later I am still in love with and enjoy life with Connie.  She is a follower.  She “gets it” and is willing to pay the price also.

She doesn’t ask me to lie.

In fact she encourages me to make those tough choices when the time comes.

She sat at home with the new baby knowing full well I would probably come home that day unemployed. Take up your cross — deny yourself.  If you try to save your life — you WILL lose it.

What choices do you have before you?    Salvation is free — that’s no problem for you now.

But —  will you follow?

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