Focus on Patient

Hospital roomConnie’s surgery went well.  She spent Friday and about half of Saturday in the hospital.  As family and some friends came and went throughout the day Friday and into Saturday morning something occurred to me.

Everyone’s priority shifted.  The focus was on the patient.  Work schedules were adjusted.  Play time for the grandsons moved to video games in the hospital waiting room.  Meals times were determined by when the patient was “unavailable” for visitors.  The sick person became the focus of activity and decision making.

Jesus once noted that he came for the sick — not those who were well.  His focus was on those who were ill.  If we are to be “Christ-like” then we also should have a patient-centric focus.  Those who are “sin-sick” in our midst are the focal point of all that we do.

Are we willing to change our schedule, adjust our priority, make the sacrifices required, in order to reach out to the folks around us who have a sickness in their soul?

We all love Connie — and we didn’t think twice about making whatever moves the situation required — including trying to sleep in a hospital lobby on a semi-comfortable couch — or trying to entertain 2 boys in a small waiting room with no TV.

Do we love people in our world enough to be willing to move quickly and without a second thought — including sacrificing time, comfort, and money — to give them a healing introduction to Grace?

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