Find Willie’s Bike

Willie and DrugsOK.  This little quip by Willie Nelson may not be what you expect on a blog like this one, but I had to chuckle at the perspective he brings.

Some people do amazing things in spite of what should be a handicap.  While I cannot speak to riding (or finding) a bicycle while on drugs — I do know that a 10 – mile run on fairly level ground is enough to make my legs throb and other large muscles (just below the belt) feel like I have been sitting on a post for about 2 hours (which basically I have been).  I marvel at Lance Armstrong — drugs or not.

JT is a young man who despite the so called handicap of autism has accomplished in his life what many less challenged folks have done.  He has come to understand with all his heart that Jesus loves him and died for him.  He understands that without Jesus all hope is lost.  He also understands that he is to tell people about Jesus at every opportunity — and he does.  Christ’s Church 4Given is lucky to have him as part of their launch team.

Darryl isn’t handicapped as most would think of the word.  But by the standards of many he is “held back” by being in a fairly small town, and ministering to a church in a town with some big-time competition.  But despite changing economic conditions, the restructuring of township government to city government, the influx of some large churches with some large budgets — he preaches on.  For 20 + years he has preached at Lakeview Christian Church.  In American church culture that is rare.  The church attendance runs about 350 and they are currently extremely sound financially.  That also is rare in American church culture.  What is even rarer is that in the face of a situation that would indicate it was time to sit back and relax — he is constantly looking for how to move forward and move ahead.

John loves to sing.  He is great at leading worship.  He is growing in faith by leaps and bounds. Right now he is battling throat cancer.  The doctors cannot operate due to the location and type it is.  He has had a round of major chemotherapy, lost all his hair, and had all his teeth pulled.  Now he is going through round two of chemo while also taking radiation treatments.  But he still smiles (as best he can).  He is always joyful.  Always up beat.  I doubt I could be.  But he still goes on.  When most would complain about their condition and unfairness of it — he is always asking how others are doing. He always asks how Connie is doing with her treatments.  He is always asking others how he can pray for them.   He thanks God for the cancer and the opportunity it has given him to grow in his faith.

It is often too easy to simply sit back and make a list of all the reasons why “I can’t”.  I often look at all my supposed handicaps and think — “I probably shouldn’t even try”.  I would love to do these great things in God’s name — but “I can’t”.  Then I am reminded that many who probably “can’t” — do.  It is an old cliche, but worth repeating:  God doesn’t call those who are equipped – He equips those He calls.

So, if Lance can accomplish what he did while on drugs — perhaps I should be looking for my bike and trying to see where God is pointing…

I need to listen and hear Him saying …. We CAN!