Faithful Follower….

In His stepsShe was a faithful follower of Jesus….That’s all we really need to say.

This past week I attended a funeral service for a woman who was one of my mother’s best friends.  Their grandmothers had shared a house at one time.  Mom and the deceased had been friends for over 70 years.  Almost like sisters……

They worked at the same place for at least 18 years….

They attended the same church….

Members of the same Sunday School class….

Raised their kids together….

Laughed together…..

Cried together…..

Grew old together…….

The minister conducting the service started off saying — She was a faithful follower of Jesus….That’s all we really need to say.

He did go on.  It was a very good message of encouragement, remembrance, and admonishment.

He told of how this lady who had been unable to speak for several days ended her time on earth singing hymns with an arm outstretched toward heaven — calling on Jesus to come get her…..

My sermon this coming Sunday is about Paul and the “Sermon of his Life”.  As Paul spoke to the Ephesian elders it was the sermon of his life because it was the last he’d ever preach to them.  It was also the sermon of his life as he outlined how he lived and witnessed amongst them…..

What will be the story of your life?   What will be mine?

I pray that when we both go those left will say we were faithful followers — not much more needs to be said.

Hymn take my life



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