extraordinaryRecently I heard a sermon by Andy Stanley in which he raised a very interesting and challenging question:

What if? For one week you determined to approach every situation and person with the intent of doing what an extraordinary person would do?

Think about it……

  • Your Job
  • Your marriage
  • Your kids
  • School
  • Church
  • Whatever….

Take a few moments and think about that for a bit.   What would you do differently?   How would the way you react to people change?

Stanley notes that Gideon in the book of Judges is a good example of how this works.  He was a frightened man who was hiding from his peoples’ enemies.  He thought of himself as the least in his clan, which was the least in his tribe, which was the least in his nation.

He went to junior college and graduated with C’s and D’s.  He was unpopular and lived in mom’s basement — so to speak.

But God’s messenger called him “mighty warrior”.  Excuse me?  Are you sure?   Yep — God says you, Gideon, are a mighty warrior.

How does God see you?   Are you valuable to God?   He gave up His Son to die for you – what does that say about your worth?

So — mighty warrior — this next week what can you do to be extraordinary?

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