Ever Blackening Friday

Black FridayOn Wednesday this week I posted some thoughts about being grateful.

I don’t think shopping of Black Friday is sinful.

I am not one who gets angry with people for coming to the store early looking for deals.

I really don’t get all that upset about having to work on Friday (well, maybe a little!).

But I do think the graphic above is worth giving some thought.

Retailers continue to encroach on the Holiday via extended hours.

Employees lose more and more very valuable Family Time.

Thursday becomes simply a shorter and shorter lull in the mad rush to launch a season of blatant materialism and greed.

More sales.  Bigger sales.  More.  Bigger.  The latest.  The coolest.  I got it first….

We don’t have time to stop on Thursday and be grateful.   Too much to do.  Got to be in bed early so we start out for Kohl’s and Best Buy on time.

Got to get to bed early to be at work by 2 AM.  Got to leave the family at the dinner table to be a work for the Thursday evening shopping hours.

All for what?

What is really gained?   Large sales numbers with low to non-existent margin %.  Grumpy and disgruntled employees.

Shoppers arrested in brawls.  Fender benders fighting for a parking spot.  Children wondering why we are being dragged through another store before the sun even comes up. Anger at not getting “the deal”.   Families worn out and miserable come Saturday.  Employees sharing belated and/or shortened family celebrations with little or no enthusiasm.

Something to consider.

What would we gain if Thanksgiving weekend was truly a time for family and friends?

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