ESPN: Johnny Manziel pledges to get sober starting July 1

SOBER — starting tomorrow…

So — as a Cleveland sports fan I sit here in a local coffee shop reading some online news articles and discover that today (July 1) Johnny Manziel is going to start getting sober.

He made that promise while partying in Mexico.

He has promised this before.

He was given the “golden goose” by the Cleveland Browns — OK — QB for the Browns is a dubious honor — but he was presented the rare opportunity be a pro-player and to perform on a national stage where he could prove himself.  Maybe even show that he was worthy of being the QB for Kansas City or Pittsburgh (insert smiley face)

OK !!!  My point is….. We’ve heard it all before.  This blog is scheduled to post on July 6.  It will be interesting to see if as this hits the internet will there also be news stories of Johnny’s latest Par–Tyy!!

As a pastor I have unfortunately seen this drama before.

Across the desk in the minister’s study, across the table in a local eatery, across the picnic table at the local church camp, and other forgotten places…..

“I will change tomorrow”

“This sin is no more — tomorrow”

“By behavior will be better — tomorrow”

“I will definitely see you at church …. next week”


Get the picture.   Cleveland sports fans all over NE Ohio see Johnny’s promise and click on with an sigh and a “Yeah, sure”.

How does God view our promises of doing better — tomorrow….

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