I was a visitor at an open house for an area ministry.   There were lots of good things said, but one statement stuck out.

The director twice noted that the essence of their ministry could be summed as —

“Loving adults who engage at every level”

She was talking about their main ministry of youth outreach in a somewhat urban community.

Couldn’t help but think that this was a good way to view life in the church.

Spiritually speaking discipleship and disciple-making is essentially

Spiritual Adults engaging others at every level of life.

Relational Discipleship.

Engaging the community.  Both the faith community and the “pagan” community outside the church walls.

Serving the community.  Again — both apply.

Worshiping — not just in the context of the faith community, but in the broad sense of Romans 12 that calls out entire existence a holy, worship experience.

All of this to Navigate the community (think “both/and”) to Jesus.

Not just Sundays.  Not just church events.  Not just a passing “How ya doing?”

Real relationships that impact and influence all aspects of life.

Not your typical church.

Engaging others at every level of life!

Who are you engaged with?


Credits:   Noelle Beck / First Glance / Akron, Ohio

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