Encore. Older and Feeling it.

This is a repeat from about a month ago.  Several have requested to see it again.  It was posted about time I turned

59!   Back in September. 

Here are some thoughts I found reading what others have said about this event:

Linda Vernon:

These are the things I have come to terms with concerning turning 59:

Turning 59 is a little worse than turning 58 and a little better than turning 60.

9You’re only as old as you look and you probably look 59.

You’re only hope now is that you’re a late bloomer.

You might be getting more wrinkles, but at least  . . . uh . . . well I’ll get back to you on this one.

If you say you’re 59 years young, you’re only drawing attention to the fact that you’re 59 years OLD – because nobody is buying that. “years young”  hooey.

If you live to be a hundred you still have more years ahead of you than behind you . . . no wait a minute . . . never mind.

At least by the time you’re 59, you know how to adjust your head for photos to minimize your double chin – unless you don’t have a double-chin in which case oh shut up.

Once you’ve reached 59, everyday is a new beginning (of the end).

Turning 59…Random things I’ve learned up till now.


Not in any particular order…1) Always read the fine print.

2) Never take anything for granted including loved ones and friends.

3) Never take a day in your life for granted because you ain’t gonna be here forever.

4) If there is a God, you better make sure quick

5) Do not rest on your past successes or past failures.

6) You are nobody’s punching  bag.

7) Be the best at what you do. The best is never settling for mediocrity.

8) Please God first and then yourself. Don’t worry about pleasing others.

9) Give more than you receive and don’t expect nothing in return. That includes money and smiles.

10) Never hurt anyone on purpose by reacting to their attacks on you. It’s their problem.

11) Love and adopt as many animals as you can give your heart to.

12) Tell your spouse you love them at least five times a day.


I may explore this more this week, but for now — a 59 year man is up at 2:30 am getting ready to go to work at 4 am.   Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?   Maybe it’s time for a change?

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