Email clutter

That was productive.

I finally took the time to go through my Gmail account and clean the inbox. Email-Clutter-1

I started out with over 200 and after almost 30 minutes of “select and delete” I arrived at an inbox containing 13 messages.

Much of what was deleted were simply Google calendar reminders for events long past.


Sometimes in our discipleship walk we allow clutter to get in the way as well.  Maybe it involves activities or commitments that just simply take up time with no productive outcome.

Perhaps the clutter consists of grudges and hurts that need to be given closure and left behind.  Done — walk away.

Maybe some friendships or relationships that keep us tied to a past life.  A final and complete goodbye may be needed.

Or there may be a habit that is cluttering up the landscape and making growth as a disciple harder than it needs to be.

Whatever it may be — the time comes when it needs to go.   Look it over, select carefully, and delete.

Make some room.  Get rid of the clutter.   This weekend enter into worship without the jammed and bogged down inbox.

Come clean, open and ready for the next new thing.

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