Elvis has left the building

ElvisElvis has left — it is all over.  You can go home now.

This past week our church had three performances of our pageant.  I had a bit part that really didn’t require my presence till near the end of the program.  Because of this i had the opportunity to sit in the back and see the scurry and activity that took place off stage.

I also had an opportunity to talk with the church custodian about what goes on after the actors and audience have left. By nine o’clock myself and some of the other cast members were sitting down to a meal at TGI Fridays.  Meanwhile he was at the church doing some carpet cleaning and toilet repair.

The event was over.  It was time to leave.  Yet several ladies were still putting away costumes and props.  The custodian was beginning the process of putting things “back in order”.

Almost any time there is a grand event — or a mountain top spiritual experience — there are those who work unseen and quietly in the back halls and back rooms.  Without them the event doesn’t come off.

Do you ever feel that you aren’t getting the credit you deserve?  God sees, God knows and God remembers.

If you want to be greatest — you must first learn to be servant.  Philippians 2

Philippians 2:1-5.  Some thoughts for the weekend.

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