Easy for you to say!

A while back I attended worship at a friend’s congregation.

In the parking lot I overheard part of a conversation between a young father and the preacher.

I caught enough to know they were talking about the Practical Application of various spiritual principles the current sermon series presented.

The young man was expressing a bit of frustration at making the principles “work” in daily life.  easy to say

As I moved out of earshot I the last thing I heard was the young man in exasperation saying to the preacher:

It sounds easy when you say it!

Yeah — every preacher instinctively knows this.  Sometimes we know that what we are saying is true , but hard.  Practical Application on a daily basis is messier and more difficult that we have time to expound on.

It is easy to say — but living it out is another story.

Which is another reason that discipleship must be relational.  It is in relationship that the theoretical principles find life and are brought into daily life as a matter to be dealt with.

In relationship we learn together how to “work out your salvation” on a daily basis.

It is in living life together that disciples bring the theoretical into the reality of life and make it apply.

Are you simply hearing sermons and lessons — but have no small group to assist in “fleshing it out”?  Then you are missing a major key element of what discipleship is.

This is why Jesus didn’t set up a school and teach from 9-5.  Instead he called men to follow.  To live with him.  Eat with him.  Live with each other.  Eat with each other.

Love as I have loved you.   That only works in a context in which they have lived out the love Jesus had for them together in community.

Find a relational context for your spiritual growth.  Live life in community with other disciples.



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