Easter weekend

Looking out the window as I try to come up something for this posting I cannot help but notice the sunshine and the beginning shoots of flowers in the flower beds.  It is very natural and common to relate these early signs of spring to the way God brings new life through our connection with His grace in Christ.

Yet that is the obvious. Thinking about grace in Christ does remind me that Christianity is so deeply centered in relationship.

God’s relationship with the world — Loving it despite the reality of rebellion

Christ’s relationship with the world — providing the means for coming back into relationship with God

Christ’s relationship with the church — as savior, Lord, and as Head of all things

The relationship of the church to the world — representing Christ as ambassadors from another Kingdom  (His Kingdom).

Our relationship to one another — Love your neighbor as yourself.

Yesterday for our family was an afternoon at the zoo with Great Grandma, Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Step-dad, and the boys.

Today is Grandpa and the boys.  Tomorrow will hopefully see all the kids and grandkids gathered along with Great Grandma for breakfast and services.

Relationships.   We have the promise that the power of Christ’s resurrection is available to us right now — to resurrect those things in life which are dead, or are causing death.  What about your relationships?  Any dead or dying ones?   Perhaps there is a need for resurrection?   With God all things are possible.

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