Don’t Stop — Keep Going

stop doingThis past weekend I had a talk with several people 20+ years older than me about how they still could play a significant role in the local church ministry.

I also attended a funeral for a 85 year man who worked hard every day of his life.  A dairy farmer he faced a continual 24/7 cycle of feed the cows — milk the cows — clean up after the cows — repeat…..  He was a a faithful Christian man who raised God-fearing children and bore witness to the principle of bloom where God plants you.

I stood beside the bed of a dear friend who is nearing his time to leave this world.  He will be leaving much too soon.  Cancer has robbed him of many things.  Once a man who raised his voice in praise to God he now can barely write out his words on a white board.  But still he is faithful.  Upon learning that the congregation where I serve is going to leave their assets as a legacy to plant a new church — he “smiled” and gave me a fist bump.   Still praising God for good things.

My dad always told us boys that retirement (as commonly understood) is not a biblical principle.   You never quit.  You never give up and stop doing anything.  Jobs may change.  Ministry may be different.  But you never stop till God stops you.   He lived that out over his 80+ years on earth.

My point……

Don’t quit.  No matter the circumstance — God can find a way to use you.   He can find a means by which you will bless his people.

Keep moving.   Lowe’s challenges their employees to Never Stop Improving.

Good advice for a disciple as well.  Never stop improving


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