Don’t lose the “Why”

Hopefully back in the saddle next week. Meanwhile enjoy this repost dr Ok m earlier this year:

A couple of days ago I wrote about learning that “no” may be the correct answer in order to keep your commitment to a bigger “yes”.

Along the same lines is the idea that we all too often “Lose our way because we have lost our why”.why1

In the midst of the struggle we sometimes forget that there was a reason we started this to begin with.

When we forget — we quit.

When we forget — we stall.

When we forget — we don’t follow through.

When we forget — we cannot find the time.

When we forget — we get frustrated.

This is part of the beauty behind relational groups as a disciple-making method.

Groups remind us of why.

Groups hold us accountable to the why.

Groups help us discover the significance  of why.

Feel like you are lost?  Feel like you are wandering about aimlessly?

Maybe it isn’t your way that is missing?

Maybe it is the WHY?

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