Doing Another of Seth Godin’s daily posts has struck a nerve:       “Oh sure, I studied with him at Harvard”

“Actually, I read his book when it was in galleys…

I bought it when it came out in paperback…

I have it but never actually read it…

I read a few blog posts he wrote about it…

I scanned the reviews, did you see the one that really excoriated him?

I followed a link on Facebook…

I read a tweet about it.


What level of exposure counts as actually knowing?

For me, doing is at the core of it. If you’ve done something with what you’ve learned, then maybe you know it.

So why has this struck a nerve?   It got me thinking about how so many who call themselves disciples are really just “name-dropping”.

Yeah I am a Jesus follower!   Well actually I am a member of a large church.  I am a member but I don’t attend all the time.  I attend when it is convenient.   And so on…….

We claim to know Jesus.  We claim discipleship.   But in the words of Randy Frazee, we need to learn to “Think, Act, and BE” like Jesus.  Jesus-ThinkActBe

Doing is at the core of it.

My last post was about the death of a friend and attending his funeral.  As I listened to the speakers and others during and after the service I was struck by the fact that little was said about Jack’s education, or job, or things we’d usually associate with success.   What I heard were testimonies of Jack’s love, humor, caring for others, prayer life….. you get the picture.

Doing is at the core!   How are you doing?

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