Do I really have to dance?

little-girl-dancing-outsideAbout a week ago while we were on vacation my wife and I took in an outdoor concert on the square of Lancaster, Ohio.   This Big Band style group was comprised of residents from the area.

They were great.  About 200 people sat on benches, blankets, and lawn chairs to hear the music.

In front of the Gazebo / bandstand there was a brick patio area that soon became a dance floor.  Several older couples were up dancing to the music — going back in their minds to the 40’s and 50’s — back when they were dating or first married.

Also joining in the dance were the children.  They were less self-conscious about their moves.  They came out into the center of this impromptu dance floor with a joy and abandon that brought joy to those in the audience.

I couldn’t help but wonder as these children twirled and danced if this might have been part of what Jesus meant when He said we as disciples should  become like little children.

No pretense

No feeling of self

No concern about what others feel

Simply coming to God open and aware of nothing more than the joy we experience in His presence.  It reminds me of the time David cast off all his Kingly robes and trappings and simply danced before God as one who felt joy.

So dance.  Experience joy.  Worship with an abandon that doesn’t care about those around.

I should note that some of us by personality and nature are reserved.  I for one show little emotion during the singing and worship.  I tend to simply sit or stand Listening and enjoying.  Others raise hands, clap, sway, etc.

Being reserved isn’t what I am talking about.  It is more a matter of the heart.  do you  freely and openly give all over to the joy of service and following?  Or do you have a portion of your life that is reserved and held back?

So dance — from the heart.  From the soul.  The outward expression my be different — but every disciple is called to inwardly dance with abandon.

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