Discipleship on Purpose

Intentional DiscipleshipSometimes discipleship happens accidentally.  Someone may begin following Christ based on a reading of the NT or some other exposure to the basics of Christ’s life and then grow through self study.

It can happen.  But it isn’t really likely.

The more effective process is when a disciple shares their knowledge of Jesus with someone else in their circle of influence.  As they share together they learn and grow together.   The more mature apprentices the less mature disciple.  They engage life together and learn how the principles of God work in the context of real life.

Learning to love takes place in community.  Becoming equipped for ministry is best learned through practice, and that happens best in community.  As we engage each other in community we become better disciples and more equipped for engaging the community and society in which we live.

Are you sensing a theme?   While there may be some benefit to times of seclusion and meditation the real growth and maturity comes from the trenches of working, living and loving.

A disciple will never reach full potential isolated from the world.

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