Discipleship is….

Lego principleIf you are a regular follower of this blog you probably recognize the graphic.  We have talked about the Lego principle before.

I finally got a copy of the book.  Although I haven’t read it thoroughly yet — I have noticed some obvious but quite often overlooked discipleship principles.

We then to think of being a disciple as “Just Jesus and Me”.  I submit to Jesus and learn from Him.  I trust and follow Him.  One on One.  Jesus plus me makes a majority.

Well — not really.   As Joey Bonifacio notes in the third chapter of the book.  Discipleship is Relationship.

Jesus called 12 not simply to increase the odds.  It was vital to the work of discipling that they have interaction.  Conflict was vital.  Contrast was important.  The principles of love each other — love as I have loved you — had to be put into a relationship.  Not a soft and comfy one either.  Relationship where the tax collector Levi was put into close proximity to with Simon the revolutionary.  Relationship where the decisive Peter was in close contact daily with the indecisive and uncertain Thomas.

Living it out — daily.  Forced into contact with those who otherwise might be avoided.

So Discipleship is Relationship.  Learning from Jesus how to live with those around us.  The ones we like — and the ones we, well, don’t like so much.

In relationship we need:

  • Trust
  • Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Communication

Is Jesus pushing you into relationships where you can learn more about these things?

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