Disciple Like You Mean It

Below is my adaptation of a posting by Seth Barnes that I found very interesting.

What I want to do this week is give you some “bite-size” portions to chew on and digest.  At week’s end we will have covered the entire list.  In between times evaluate your disciple experience and see where you may need to make changes.  Evaluate how you are discipling others.  Any changes that need to take place?

10 Fail Proof ways to disciple like you mean it / Seth Barnes /  ChurchLeaders.com

Seth Barnes
Seth Barnes

1.  Mistaken Identity:   What defines who you are?  Your job?  Your grades?  Accomplishments?  Status?

At the core we are God’s children — unconditionally loved by Him and purchased / redeemed with the blood of Christ, His son.  Not much else matters.

2.  Journey:   Jesus did not set up a training facility and bring the disciples there for extensive classroom work and study.  Instead he walked and talked with them.  He lived life together with them.  The course of study was determined by the events and circumstances of the day.

Not only did he journey with them — he cut them loose for some short term journeys of their own.  They went out in pairs to give this new lifestyle a whirl without Jesus there to watch.  Upon their return they debriefed and dissected the experiences.

Becoming a mature disciple doesn’t begin and end in a classroom.  It takes place in the reality of life on a daily basis.

3.  Listening Prayer:    The old adage reminds us that God gave us one mouth and two ears.  There’s a reason for that.   We tend to see prayer as our time to spew forth all the wants, needs, and occasional thank yous to God and that’s it.  There is a a need to learn how to listen in prayer.  Sit in silence.  Pour over the text of scripture.  Wait for a sense of what God my be saying to you.  That takes time.  It takes discipline.  Prayer must become a dialogue.

Take some time to follow the links and read Seth’s original list.   Work through how you are being discipled and how you are discipling others.   Ask yourself some hard questions.  Take time to wait for God to answer.

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