Disappointed in Jesus

It is probably not a sermon you’ll hear anytime soon.

It is probably a statement that will gain attention — but not necessarily agreement.

To say that Jesus can very often disappoint us almost sounds like sacrilege.

But it is true none the less…..

Jesus does sometimes fail to meet our expectations.

Case in point:

Mary and Martha send for Jesus because Lazarus is gravely ill.

It is the equivalent of calling in the family as the end draws near.

And Jesus simply ignores the summons.   He continues on with his plans and makes no move to come back to Bethany.   Nothing.  Not for several days.

When he arrives he offers no excuses of reasons.  He simply assures the sisters that there is a promise of resurrection.  (In their minds a future — far in the future — promise).

They are upset.  They are troubled.  They are disappointed.

But then — as if the delay and failure to arrive in time wasn’t enough — Jesus wants the tomb opened up.  Yuck!  Not smart.   Not proper.  Not what you would expect.  Just wrong in every way.


But in a few moments — the disappointment becomes an absolutely joyous occasion.

How often is it like that in our discipleship life?

We have the expectations, the prayers, the idea of what God is going to do.

We then go to Him with that and say fit all this into your plans.

Then he disappoints.  He doesn’t do what we expect.  He does what is rude, improper, out of line.   Disappointing.

But if we stick with him.  If we continue to follow Him and don’t let the disappointment get in the way …….

Resurrection!  Miracles!  New Life!

So — yes, Jesus does disappoint.  But when he does it is often so that we can experience the glory of God.  disappointed with Jesus


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