Dinner out with Dad

Dining out with kidsOur drink order had arrived.

Food order was in.

Wife was headed for rest room — so I was alone at the table simply observing the light crowd on a Monday night.

They hit the door as a mass.  It was obvious that the kids were excited.  Not in an obnoxious loud way — just chattering and giggling and constant motion.

I don’t know if they didn’t dine out much — or perhaps it was the prospect of dining out with dad.  Dad was a big guy.  Well over 6 foot – football lineman material.  (It was later obvious from conversation that he drove some type of delivery truck and/or did truck repairs.)

As the hostess brought them over near our table they spotted a corner curved booth.  With excited pleas the kids asked if they could sit in this “cool” booth rather than at a table.  Soon the big man had squeezed his way into the center of the arched seat with the kids gathered expectantly around him.

Over the course of the next 45 minutes lots of things happened.

1.  Dad told them stories — about his work and events in his day

2.  He presented “life lessons” — here’s how you read a menu.  Don’t smoke around a truck leaking gas.  This is how you draw a pine tree.  See the picture of the cows standing in the water?  That’s how they cool off on a hot day.  And so on.

3.  The older boys were given the task of helping their little sister draw, cut her food, butter her roll, put ketchup on her french fries.

4.  They enjoyed each others’ company.  They laughed and talked.  It got quiet as they talked about their friend in the hospital.

As we finished our meal and began to leave it occurred to me — I had just seen and heard one of the best object lessons on Relationship Discipleship ever.

  • Older disciples tell faith stories
  • Life lessons are drawn for the stories and everyday events
  • The older disciple is tasked with teaching (discipling) those coming up behind
  • It was all about relationships — the good, the bad, the funny, the sad.

Maybe that’s way it is called the “FAMILY of GOD”?

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